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Licensing in a Virtual World

There are moments in history when the world changes in an instant, when everything we knew ceases to be relevant and is replaced by a new reality that requires an entirely new approach.  These moments don’t happen often, but they do happen: An asteroid kills off...

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Virtual Choirs & Copyright: What You Need to Know

The virtual choir trend was once a novelty, purely used for entertainment and pushing the limitations of technology in the arts. Now, in the state of the world that we find ourselves in, virtual choirs have become a necessity for music programs and choral groups...

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Virtual Choir Services

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We work with some of the Biggest Choral Music Publisher's Assembled.

Virtual Choir HQ has assembled the largest collection of Music Publishers to allow you to request a license for virtual choirs online. 

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Virtual Choir Video Creation

Suitable For All Occasions Ranging From Sunday Services To Academic Performances

The demands of a Choir Director are greater than ever and the current state of world events demands that Choir Directors do more than ever before. Legacy Choir was created to help Choir Directors by providing a service that allows the Choir Director to focus on the music while Legacy concentrates on the software, the video creation and eveything in between!

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You are in good company

Here’s what some of our satisfied Choral Music Choir customers have said. 

I wasn't sure how to acquire the proper license for my virtual choir video until I found - They made it so easy!

Michael Regard
Church Choir Director

"Before it was difficult to request a license but now it's easy. They even had sugestions on better microphones and editing software!"

Bill Johnson
Community Choir Director

"My Pastor wanted me to make a virtual choir video but I don't know how to do it. and Legacy Choir made it simple and stayed within my modest budget!

Jasmine Real